Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring Break

Well, my spring break is over. And I'm sad. I loved not having to do assignments or drive all the way to campus. But now it's over and I'm counting down the days until graduation!  Only 56 more days!

During my break, I did what any other college kid does during Spring Break...I got a tattoo! Except I'm not 18 and I wasn't drunk lol.  I've been planning this one for awhile.  I wanted something simple to show my love for Harry Potter.

I was SO scared it was going to hurt bad.  When I asked people with foot tattoos they would tell me it was awful.
Umm. No.
It was more painful than my other tattoos, but nothing I couldn't handle. My foot was swollen and sore for about two days after, but other than that, it wasn't bad at all.

Doug took a staycation this week, too.  He made Tucker a Lego table!

Tucker loved it.  He loves playing with the Lego men the most.

I also decided on trying to sell our unwanted items instead of giving them to Goodwill.  We are planning a family vacaction to Florida this summer and I need all the extra cash I can get! :) 

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Friday, March 7, 2014

The Week of the Snow

Here in West Tennessee, we finally got the Winter Storm they've been talking about for months now. Four inches of ICE + two inches of snow = No.

Sure it may be pretty to look at, but people had to get out and drive in the mess. And that includes my husband. Needless to say, I was a nervous wreck the first three days.

The kids only asked to play outside one time.  We lasted about 30 minutes. Well, Tucker only lasted about 15. He fell on the ice and said NOPE. And went inside. I didn't blame him.

I had to come up with a few activities for the kids or else we would've gone crazy. 
And by "we", I mean "me".

They crafted robots, watched movies, made puppets, wrote stories, read books, got messy, and drank cocoa. I loved having them home with me, but Lord have mercy.  I'm ready to be back on schedule!

 And I'm on Spring Break next week, so I officially got TWO weeks off from school. So heyyyyy!

Thursday, March 6, 2014


I'm starting fresh in blog land again!  I just wanted something new.  I felt like my old blog was becoming "Not Me" so I moved on to....Somewhere Beautiful:)

This will be my fortress of solitude.
(Had to throw in some fangirl lingo.)

There will be no limits on what I post here because this is MY space (not to be confused with Myspace...) and I will be spilling my heart, my life, my wishes, and my tears.

I'm not going to focus on numbers or followers or sponsors. I'm doing this as a public journal.  I want to share stories that inspire people. To let someone know they are not alone.  To show off my beautiful children.  To showcase my accomplishments AND my failures.

Let's Do This.