I'm Lauren and here are a few random things about me because I don't know how else to introduce myself....

I'm 25.
I got pregnant when I was 18//had Kenzie Lane when I was 19.
I got married to my best friend, Doug, on September 27, 2008.
I got pregnant when I was 20//had Tucker James when I was 21.
I will be graduating in May with my Associates in Early Childhood Education.
I'm a full time student & SAHM.
My family comes first for everything.
I love to read, take hot baths, and listen to music.
The GooGoo Dolls is my all time favorite band.
Harry Potter is real for me.
We have a Doxie named Dobby. #dobbythedoxie
My favorite color is pink. My favorite color to wear is black.
I love all Comics/Superheroes, but my heart belongs to X-Men.
I rarely paint my nails, but my toes are always painted.
I drink coffee at least twice a day...sometimes more.
I'm an introvert and need lots of time by myself.
I don't do "snobby" or "stuck-up".
If I put on a bra, you know stuff is about to get done.
I love to look at the night sky.
Owls and deer are my favorite animals.
I write better than I speak.
I can't label myself because I love too many different types of things.
Converse > heels.
I'm scared of the dark and I hate watching scary movies.
I love to laugh and I love people who make me laugh.
I have 4 tattoos with more on the way.
Jennifer Lawrence is my spirit animal.
Speaking of spirit animals, I love Native American stuff. I'm part Indian, ya know.
If I didn't have kids, I would be traveling and being adventurous.
I love teaching my children and watching them grow. I knew I wanted to teach since I was little.
I never played with baby dolls when I was growing up.
I love glitter and leopard and Doctor Who.
I play video games.

I'm on Twitter and Pinterest.

Email: laurenkloeffel@gmail.com

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